"Birth Day"

Our boy turns "toooooo" on Saturday. I can't help but reminisce about where we were on November 14, 2007, as well as the days prior to. After all, it's our "birth day" too!
It was a tumultuous (to say the least) time for us. As you know, our darling mother passed away on November 3, 2007. I was hugely pregnant (and when I say huge, I mean enormous). As cloudy as those days were before Mom's funeral, I distinctly remember walking into the maternity store at the mall in search of appropriate attire for her funeral. The sales lady was appalled - she actually said that she had never seen anyone as "pregnant" as I was. Good grief, what a thing to say! I found a knit dress which probably looked hideous, but at least it fit.

The days following the funeral are impossible to describe. We were all completely devastated, though we were filled with joy at the anticipation of our child. I was also completely exhausted - emotionally and physically. Craig and I took many walks around the block (he wouldn't let me stray too far from home) hoping my water would break.
My due date was November 16th. On November 13th, I went to see my beloved OB for my weekly appointment. I went in knowing that I was going to ask her to induce. Before I could say a word, she asked me if I was ready - she had been well aware of our situation and was concerned about my stress level. In no more than thirty seconds, she had my induction scheduled for the following morning.

I hardly slept that night. I was completely confused. Of course I was unbelievably excited to meet our child, but I was also so completely lost in the grief process that I felt like I was living in a cloud. Craig and I left for the hospital early the next morning. It was a strange sensation to know that we were leaving our home as two and would be returning as three.

Dr. R. arrived exactly at 7:00am to attend to the business of inducing labor. My best Grandma Kate and my best Mother-in-law Mary arrived around 11:00am to sit with us. They were so supportive and patient. After a full day of labor, it was time. Everyone except for Craig left the room. After two hours of pushing, Dr. R. decided that the baby's head was too big and a C-section was necessary. At 5:56pm, our beautiful Murray was here. What a miracle! Just before Dr. R. delivered him, she said that we had one last chance to guess the sex. I was sure the baby was a girl; I wanted to name her Kathleen. Well, you all know how that turned out. We had a boy, and Craig suggested that we name him Murray, after my mom's last name. How perfect! I've never heard such a beautiful cry as that of Murray's first wail. Craig went with the nurses while Murray was weighed and cleaned and then promptly brought him to me to see. I was terrified that I would drop him, but Craig was fantastic - I've never met a man more supportive and thrilled than he was. The first time I looked at Murray, I knew that he was exactly what he was supposed to look like. He was so beautiful! Craig followed the nurses around with our new babe and showed him off through the nursery windows to our family.

When I was FINALLY done with post-delivery - which felt like hours, I was literally aching to hold my babe. I was wheeled into recovery where we had a fantastic reception. Craig was holding our son, and our family and friends were there to celebrate. Our labor and delivery nurse asked that everyone leave for a while so that I could recover and we could learn about this little tiny life that we had produced. I learned how to nurse a short time after, and everyone returned to hold our little one. I remember thinking that he was ours! Ours! We brought a life into this world and he's ours! I had never felt God's presence so strong, so intense.

Now that little tiny life will turn two. From nine pounds, two ounces, he now weighs thirty pounds and speaks and throws tantrums and dances and loves most everyone. He's a charming boy and I will never, ever forget a moment of the best day of our lives. Happy Birthday, Murray!

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Happy Birthday today Murray!