It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

I think our neighbors are wondering where "Mr. and Mrs. Scrooge" (a.k.a. Craig and Marie Beckerleg) moved to. For ten years of living in the same home, Craig has never put Christmas lights on the house. This year, he discovered a great bunch of brand new lights and those clippy-things that help keep the lights stay put. My mom must have purchased them after Christmas one year and never used them. So while I was napping on Saturday, I woke to discover Craig on the roof hanging beautiful white lights. I am thrilled! I had to take a picture from across the street - he did such a great job. There are 4 bulbs that aren't working, but we'll replace those soon. Murray lit up like the Fourth of July (no pun intended) when he first saw them; "WHOA!" was his response.

I'm reading a book by Wally Lamb, "The Hour I First Believed" (I can't find the underline button). This book is beautifully written and captivated me from the very first sentence. There is one thing about Mr. Lamb's writing style that is driving me bonkers, however. At least once per page, he begins the monologue with a question. For example, he'll write: "This one time? I got off the train at Grand Central? I raced to her apartment. . .". I have no idea why this is bothering me. I pose this question to my talented writer-friends: Is this a common writing technique that I'm unaware of? I realize that my writing needs a lot of work, so I hate to criticize a well-known and published author. I've just never come across anything like this.

I hope that everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving. We certainly did. We spent the day at Maggie's and I'm positive that I haven't laughed so hard or so often in a long time. I even helped her put up her Christmas villages, decorations, and lights. Decorating for any holiday is never high on my priority list, but Mag loves it so I acquiesced and ended up having a ball. Helping her upped my Christmas spirit a notch too. Thanks, sister!

The countdown is on: 24 days until Santa visits!

"One cannot have wisdom without living life."
--Dorothy McCall


Roxane B. Salonen said...

Marie, your house is lovely! My oldest daughter was just asking tonight if we could PLEASE put some lights on the outside of our house this year. I tend to keep it simple, after years of trying to do this work myself. I guess if it's going to happen, someone besides me will have to do it. We'll see...I'll be waiting. In the meantime, love the lights and I'm sure they shine in your little one's eyes, too. :)

maggie said...

Yay for Christmas, Christmas villages, Charlie Brown, and you guys finally decorating your house!!!!! I hope you have a better day today. Here's some mottos I leave you with..."This too shall pass" and "Things will be greater later" (Fred)

P.S. Rudolph is on tomorrow at 7 on cbs!