I'm not sure why, but this has been a very long week. I am relieved that it's Friday, and despite the crummy weather, I'm looking forward to one more August lake weekend. The rest of the month will be busy with a wedding and trips north to clean out our mom's house, so we won't be able to be at the lake again until September. Craig and I are both exhausted, and Murray in not helping the matter. We've been battling extreme crankiness since Wednesday, and this morning, I discovered why he's been so grumpy. It occurred to me to look in his mouth and down his throat to see if anything was abnormal (thanks for the tip Chelle). Sure enough, there is a large, white lump on his tongue. I'd be very upset too. The pediatrician just said to give him Tylenol and watch it. Hopefully, it's a canker sore that will clear up soon.

Craig has been working like a mad man all week - long, crazy hours, no lunch breaks, etc. He needs to relax and do nothing for a day. No rest for the weary though, it's district softball tournaments all weekend. At least he will be doing something he enjoys.

My girlfriend Michelle, Maggie and I had a wonderful time last night on the deck, solving problems and discussing how we're going to take on the world. I'm always refreshed after these sessions - so comforting to know that you aren't alone.

I'm off to take out the garbage. On Friday's, I am the maid in the office, and I better get to it. Housekeeping calls.

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