Money, Schmoney

When Murray was born, I absolutely dreaded going back to work. This feeling started while I was pregnant, and intensified three-fold the very first time I held him. But, I love my job, so I compromised. My boss agreed to let me to come back to work part-time so that I could be at home with Murray more often. We found a fabulous daycare center with a part-time rate, and it's worked out beautifully. I love our lazy mornings and quiet afternoons together. Yesterday, the center newsletter stated that they would no longer have a part time rate for infants (pre-school and up only) and that the full time rate was increasing. I understand that daycare rates need to increase from time to time, especially if we want our center to maintain their reputation for excellency. However, now we're going to pay eighty bucks more a month for Murray to only be there 25-28 hours a week! That's quite the increase. By the time I pay for gas to get to work, I may as well stay home, what with my pittance of a paycheck. I'll get over it, I suppose, I'm just more upset that they took away our part time rate. I would even have paid more if they had kept it, but I don't have a say, so I'll suck it up and write the check.

Craig has state softball tournaments this weekend, so Maggie and I and our friend Michelle are off to the lake for "girls" weekend (except for Murray). It's the last weekend before school starts for Mags, so we thought it would be a great way to send her back. Should be a fun weekend.

Good luck to Dave's Southside Tap! I hope you come home with no injuries and a big trophy!

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