Summer in Review

Sigh.  It's that time of year.  I always shed a tear or two (I've also been known to sob) at the end of summer.  I dread the endless winter that lies ahead.  I detest the thought of snow removal, freezing temps, and icy roads.  So to cheer me up, I went through some of the hundreds of videos and pictures that I took during the last three months, and I'm posting a few of my favorites:

 Memorial Day Weekend - It was chilly, but that didn't stop our little fisherman.

 Brooklyn having a snack in our back yard.

 We bought Murray a swing set.  Here he is, enjoying it with friends.

 Beautiful day on the dock.

 Not to be outdone by Murray, Rudy fishes for rocks.

 They look a little cranky, don't they?  Cheer up!  It's summer!

 Serious fishing on a calm morning.

 Murray is a very good in the neighbor's kayak.  Next year, he'll get his own.

 Big bass that Murray caught all by  himself.

Murray graduated to an open face fishing reel this year, and he's done fabulously.

Mags and Brooklyn enjoying a tandem kayak ride.

So even though summer is coming to an end, we still have a few beautiful weekends left.  Besides, I'm ever so thankful that we made a lifetime of memories in just a few short months.  Until next year, summer.  You will be missed.


Mel said...

Looks like a beautiful summer full of fun! It really is hard to let go, isn't it? I have been wanting a swing set for the kids, too! I laughed at your picture thinking, "Is that Murray on the left? Wow, he's really grown."

Glad it's been fun!

Marie said...

LOL, Mel, that makes me laugh! So glad you're still keeping up with me. How are you?

We did have a fabulous summer, and here, in Minnesota, we don't start school until after Labor Day, yet we'll spend some Septmeber weekends fishing, as we'll all a bit obsessed.

We bought the "cheapy" swing set, and it still cost about $200. Why are they so expensive? The wooden play sets run thousands of dollars. Ridiculous!

Hope all is well, Mel!


Heather said...

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Australia Business News Online said...

Goodbye sunshine! But hey, the holiday season will surely make up for it. :)

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