It all started with no nap.  Things went worse over a peanut butter sandwich.

Murray might be four, but he's one of those kids that just needs good sleep.  When he doesn't have enough rest, tantrums ensue, and life for all of us is a lot more difficult than necessary.

Craig has been traveling again, so Murray and I were on our own today.  My sister-in-law, nephew (also four), and baby niece spent the day with us.  What a relief it was to have a sane adult on my side.  Four years old just plain stinks.

Worst. Age. Ever.

And yes, before you ask, we do discipline.  As a matter of fact, we don't put up with much.  In my opinion, anyway.

I digress.  The boys did pretty well, despite the fact that they didn't have a nap.  There was the typical arguing and fighting, but when all was said and done, we had a pretty fun day.

It was when Murray's cousin left that started the drama.  First, Murray passed out on the couch.  Yay!  Two hours later, Craig came home from his trip and woke him up.  Nay!

I wanted to send Craig to the North Pole because I was so mad at him for waking the sweet sleeping boy.  I just knew Murray was going to be a bear when he woke up.

I wasn't wrong.  He was a bear on steroids.

What does Craig not understand about the concept of "never wake a sleeping baby"?  Granted, Murray isn't a baby anymore, but still!  Don't wake up the child, unless it's an emergency.

So, Murray wakes up hungry and demands a peanut butter sandwich.  I tell him to say "please"  but he just couldn't handle saying a one-word polite response, so off he goes to his room, in a time out,  yelling at me and crying hysterically.

Really, I only wanted a "please".  How hard is that?

It took an hour, but he finally got his peanut butter sandwich.  Really, kid?  I've said please AND thank you for a chili-cheese burrito from Taco Bell.  Good grief.

The point is, good behavior and manners are a must in this house. 

But so is a nap.  Obviously.

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