I love kids.  I really do.  Trust me, I spent about 5 hours in the pool today with children aged 1-8.  It was awesome.

But you know what?  Sometimes, as much as I love my own child, there are times when I really don't like him.  He's four, and four year old boys are impossible. 

Four year old boys break things, make horrible messes, they don't listen, they laugh at you when disciplined,  they say bad words (I think they get that from me - son of a bitch comes out of my mouth frequently), they toot in public and think it's hysterical, and they generally act on the ridiculous side; you know really silly (which is SO annoying).

We can lecture, scold, give time outs, spankings, and take away favorite toys, but at four, they just laugh in your face, no matter how stern mean we parents are. 

It's maddening! Four is the WORST age ever. 

But then, when I'm fed up beyond belief, my four year old will look at me with the sweetest expression and say, "Mama, you are SO pretty!"

I'll take it.  For now. 


Curt Rogers said...

No, the worst age is five. Wait, no six. Well, no, seven is pretty bad. Eight is worse, though.

My friends and I are in our 30s and 40 and we still do ALL of these things. Especially the tooting in public.

Boys will be boys. :)

Marie said...

Curt, you kill me! I am laughing hysterically, because I realize this to be true. Craig is 38 and does all of the same things. The next one better be a girl! :)

Mel said...

It's a good thing these little devils know the way to our hearts!

Marie said...

Right on, Mel! Lucky for them. :)