The Four Year Old "Talk"

Oh help.

Murray:        (sigh) I wish I had a girlfriend.
Me:               Oh really?  What would you do with a girlfriend?
Murray:         Play with her.
Me:               (another sigh, this time, of relief)  That's nice.  Why do you want a girlfriend?
Murray:        Well, Mom, she showed me her butt.
Me:               (trying to stay calm)  Really?  Where?  When?
Murray:         I can't tell you where, but it was a few days ago.
Me:                What did you do?
Murray:         Well, I hid by a tree.
Me:               Good choice, Murray.  We shouldn't show our private parts, right?
Murray:         Right, but we can to our moms and dads, but not to our friends.
Me:               Yep, that's right!
Murray:         But, can we talk about a penis, a vagina, and a pink eye?

Oh help.


Roxane B. Salonen said...

Oh my heavens, Marie! You do have That poor little Brooklyn is going to learn a lot and fast once her big cousin has a chance to show her the ropes of life. What an adventure you and Maggie will have watching them. :) I love it when you hear back from your kids the things you've told them, only it changes a bit in translation. Love it!

Curt Rogers said...

I can't stop laughing. THANK YOU for this!

I hope you're well, Marie, that you're ruling your world with joy and delight.


Mel said...

Oh, my. Not ready for this type of conversation so early!! And all of those things together!

Anti-Supermom said...

Hilarious, sounds *exactly* like something that would come out of Wyatt's mouth :)

Stephanie said...

LOL Oh my goodness! I'm sorry, I have no help to offer. Just commenting to thank you for the giggle :)