Questions, Questions, Questions

I often find myself completely dumbfounded at the questions Murray asks. Here are some of the latest. Note that sometimes I pull answers out of my ear.

Q: How do brakes stop the wheeuhs?
A: There's a machine in the engine so when you press the brake pedal, the machine stops the wheels.

Q: How does the frost get on the trees and the windows?
A: It gets cold out, and then...well, Jack Frost visits.
Q: Why?
A: Because it's winter.

Q: How come you yike to do sewing?
A: Because I like it.
Q: Why?
A: Because it's relaxing.
Q: What's rewaxing?
A: When you rest.

Q: Why does Rudy have a taiuh?
A: Because God gave him a tail.

Q: How are some kids bigger than me?
A: Because they were born before you.
Q: How?
A: Because God said so.

Q: How yong is it to the cities?
A: Four hours.
Q: How yong is that?
A: Ummm...a long time.
Q: Why?
A: Because it's far away.

Q: How does the vaccuum cweaner suck up stuff?
A: Well, there's a mechanism that - never mind. Go ask your Dad.

Feel free to leave some suggestions for answers in the comment section. I could use some help here.


Stephanie said...

Ahhh yes, go ask your Dad. One of my faves! lol Love the questions:)

Mel said...

These are great! It's so funny all of the things they think of.

Marie said...

Stephanie, telling Murman to go ask his dad is two-fold. One, I don't have to come up with an answer. Two, I get to laugh at what he comes up with. :)

Mel, I agree. This is just as small sample. As much as I love his curiosity, sometimes, it drives me BONKERS! :)

Anti-Supermom said...

These just make me chuckle. I should ask Wyatt, OMgosh...