Remember how I wrote about my frustrating attempts to re-teach myself embroidery? After my initial frustrating day of tears and ripped out stitching, I walked away from the project altogether.

When venting on Facebook, a friend suggested that I might try cross stitch.  "You can't go wrong with little x's," she wrote.  After a week or two of contemplation, I ordered a kit to cross stitch a baby blanket (to make for my soon-to-be niece). Again, time passed with frustration and more ripped out stitches. I was ready to give up again, thinking that maybe needle work just wasn't for me.

But then a friend of mine brought her daughter over for a play date. Out of the blue, I asked her if she knew how to cross stitch. She did! She sat down and explained the best way to work a pattern, and demonstrated the stitching. 

I felt more confident than ever.  She had made it look so easy! I worked and worked, but still, I just couldn't get it right.  But, I kept trying.  Kept starting over.

A little voice in my head reminded me of her simple statement, "Just think of them as little boxes."

Several attempts later, it dawned on me.  I completed a row, and then a second, and then another.  With each stitch, I felt more encouraged and more satisfaction.  

Here's where I am one week later:
I haven't added any detail yet, so it still looks a little bare.  And, it's certainly not perfect.  The images in each block don't line up correctly, but heck if I'm going back and tearing out all that work.  I'm fixing the problem on the next block, and learning as I go.  This is the first time I've laid it out to critique.  I'm improving, if I do say so myself.

I'm stitching every single "x" with love and anticipation for the arrival of our niece.

I was hoping to have it finished in time for Maggie's shower, but according to my calculations, that likely won't happen.  I have 25 more blocks to go, plus the detail. 

With any luck, I'll have it complete by the time my niece is in kindergarten.  Or maybe high school?


Stephanie said...

Oh I think it's absolutely beautiful!! I've been toying with the idea of taking up knitting. Now don't laugh. I used to knit a mean barbie scarf, but that's it. LOL I thought it might be a fun thing to try and do with my girls?

Good for you for sticking with it, you're going to have a gorgeous gift for that baby girl!

Anti-Supermom said...

Kudos to you! I won't dare pick up a needle. You'll finish it *way* before school starts, lol!

Marie said...

Thank you, Stephanie! As for knitting, go for it. I have been taught several times, and I can never pick it up. Maybe after this blanket is done. :)

Beth, we'll see. I just had to tear out the entire letter 'D' because I mis-counted. Sigh. Oh well, it's relaxing. :)

Roxane B. Salonen said...

It's beautiful Marie! Keep going. One stitch at a time! :)

Marie said...

Thank you, Roxane. Yes, one stitch at a time...kind of like life, right? :)