It's Official - We Have a Preschooler

Yesterday, Craig and I took the plunge and enrolled Murray in preschool.  Today, I received the call that there is room for him.  He starts in September.  When did my baby grow up?

Newborn Murray

I cried.  Shocker, right?  In case you didn't know, I'm an emotional person.  I cry.  A lot.


I'm not excited about this decision. 

Our daycare provider is so fabulous, I don't even know if I have words to describe her.  She was the first person I inquired to about daycare when we found out that I was pregnant.  She didn't have an opening at the time, but we waited. Waited impatiently.  We just knew how awesome it would be to put Murray in her care.  When she called to tell us that she had an opening, we were thrilled. 

Not only does she take better care of Murray than we probably do, but she teaches him - letters, numbers, manners, respect, the list goes on. Murray has absolutely THRIVED in her care.  She goes above and beyond, too.  She is solely responsible for him being potty trained at the age of two.  Or, when a few months ago, after Craig completely botched Murray's hair cut, she took the time to even it out and make it look nice.  Murray refers to she and her husband as his other Grandpa and Grandma, that's how much he loves them.  She is  the "child whisperer".  She makes him feel secure and loved, proud and confident; all of the things that we strive for Murray to feel and be.

And then there's the fact that he spends the day growing up with his cousin, who is only five days younger than Murray.  The two of them are attached at the hip, and yeah, they fight, but they're also best friends. 
Skating at night with their headlamps

So why make the change?  To tell the truth, I am against putting Murray in preschool.  I don't feel that he needs it.  I know I sound boastful, but the kid is pretty dang smart.  He does simple addition and subtraction, is learning to write the alphabet, and shows all the signs of reading readiness.  He's a social butterfly and gets along well (for the most part) with others.  He knows the days of the week and what a month is.

This is where Craig and I disagree.  I'm no expert, but I do know a bit more about education for young children than he (and he knows way more about math and computers than I will in ten lifetimes).  Still, Craig feels it's important for him to go to preschool, so I caved.  In September, Murray will attend  St. Joseph's Catholic School from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday.  Sniff.

As much as he loves his daycare, he's already talking about what he'll do at "schoouh" and carrying around a backpack and telling us he's leaving for "cwass" to "yearn" (maybe at least they'll help him with the "L" sound).  Clearly, I'm the only member of this family who isn't ready to have a preschooler.

The one thing we do agree on is that he attends Catholic School.  It's important to us.  Our parish, St. Joseph's is an amazing place.  We love it there, and know that Murray will thrive in such an environment.

We're thankful for everything that our childcare provider has done for us.  We have been truly blessed.  I'm glad we still have several months left with her.  It will be a big change for us, but hopefully, by September, I'll be on board.  Right now, I'm just not there.


Stephanie said...

Oh it sounds like he has had an amazing experience!! You too:) I guess the good thing about pre-school is he will have the chance to socialize with a whol new group of friends. You can't get that at a babysitter. Does that help? :)

Marie said...

It does help, Stephanie! Thank you. :) Change is just so hard, but it's inevitable. So off we venture to a new adventure. As long as Murray is happy, I am too.

Hugs back at you!