Grandpa Doug

I can't breathe.  I'm laughing too hard.  Murray + Grandpa Doug (my Dad) = HILARIOUS.

When my Dad arrived last night, Murray was beside himself.  After they hugged furiously, the first words out of Murray's mouth were, "Grandpa, how many sleeps are you here for?" 

This morning, the second Murray woke up, he exclaimed, "Dad, Mom, I'm going to wake up Grandpa, but you can go back to sleep."  

These two have packed more adventures into 24 hours than I could in a week.

There was the breakfast date.  The two of them walked to McDonald's, ate 'pamcakes' and sausage and walked home. 

We went skating and Grandpa Doug pretended to fall down every time Murray fell.

We celebrated Christmas (a bit late, but hey, at least we were together).

Now, the two are eating 'copporn' (popcorn) and watching a movie, while snuggling on the couch. Murray keeps asking his Grandpa to say the word 'poop' - oh happy day - and he just finished explaining to my Dad that if Rudy finds another rabbit in the yard, he'll play with it too hard and it will have to go to heaven. 

Good grief.  What will tomorrow bring?


Roxane B. Salonen said...

I've probably overused this word in regards to Murray, but precious is the one that comes to mind. Pamcakes, I love that! I want Pamcakes too. They sound a lot better than pancakes. Oh, your dad and Murray and you too are so blessed! What a sweet relationship. :)

Mel said...

So sweet. There's something so special about the relationship kids have with grandparents!

Marie said...

Roxane, precious is a perfect word! It makes my heart warm to witness the love they share; and soon, he'll have another bundle of joy to love just as much. I accidentally let it slip that my sister was having a girl, and he cried tears of joy. :)

Mel, you are so right. I love watching the two of them together. So wonderful!