He Knows, She Knows

Note:  Blogger must be having trouble.  Excuse the confusion.

After seven years of marriage, Craig and I seem to have each other's habits and preferences down pretty well. For instance:

He knows that margarine is not allowed in this house.  Butter only.
I know it drives him crazy when I don't refill the ice cube trays.

He knows that dog poop makes me vomit. 
I know that vomit makes him vomit.

I know that he hates it when I leave my reading light on at night.
He knows that I have a love/hate relationship with his snoring.

He knows that 'Roseanne' is one of my favorite TV shows.
I know he hates 'Roseanne'.

He knows I hate mayo and milk.
I know that he loves smoked oysters (those disgusting ones from a can).

I know that he is seriously in love with Kate Beckinsale.

Photo Credit:  http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=Kate+Beckinsale&view=detail&id=1214527B734CC10C1008E3762EA3FF99A3AE4436&first=0

He knows that I would run away with Jon Bon Jovi.

I know how proud I am of his hockey/skating abilities.
He knows how funny it is to try to watch me skate backwards.

He knows how to make me laugh.
I know how to make him mad.

We're still learning about one another, in fact, every day comes with surprises. 

I wouldn't trade him for anything.


Missy said...

I knew I loved you! Bon Jovi is the best band ever! And JBJ is SO awesome! Have you ever seen them in concert? I did 10 years ago - sooooo good.

Mel said...

That's the best part of marriage, when you get in those comfy spots where you know one another so very well that you can aniticipate needs and concerns!

Marie said...

Missy, I did get to see Bon Jovi about six years ago in Minneapolis (when "Have A Nice Day" was released). It was a big deal because my husband absolutely detests concerts, and it was a four hour drive to get there. I've been singing Bon Jovi songs to Murray since he was an infant. :)

Mel, it is pretty cozy to know someone so well. I also enjoy learning new things, too. :)

Anonymous said...

I remember taking that picture and its very nice but incredibly awkward.....craig looks.like a statue! Hahaaa and idk about bon jovi but who doesnt love kate beckinsale it doesnt matter what gender u r! Looove u!

Marie said...

Yes, Mags, I remember that you babysat newborn Murray that night. It was our first night out after he was born. :)

Marie said...

Oh, and I love you too, sis!

Stephanie said...

Oh this is such a sweet post and from my POV is what makes up a beautiful marriage:)

Marie said...

Why, thank you, Stephanie! We are so blessed to have found each other. As I'm sure you know, marriage isn't always easy, but it's so worth it. :)

troy said...

Your husband and I would agree on Kate Beckinsale!

Marie said...

I have to admit, I kind of like her, too, Troy!