Christmas Cookies

I love to cook.  I hate can't bake.  Too much science and exact measurements are required for baking.  So when my SIL (sister-in-law, Randi) called last week, asking if we wanted to get together to help the boys decorate cookies, I cringed. It turned out that a quick run to the grocery store and some pre-packaged dough was what she had in mind.  We think alike.  Another reason why I love her.

So, we popped the pre-made cookies in the oven, and assembled our decorating materials.  Let the decorating commence!

While we were busy in the kitchen, the boys were squirting frosting (because fake frosting and fake cookies are how we roll) and dumping sprinkles.  When we went to check on them, this is what we found:

Notice that the cookies that aren't on the tray each have a bite in them.  Murray claimed that he was checking to make sure that they tasted okay.

Merry Christmas!


Roxane B. Salonen said...

Ha! Murray! You didn't hide the evidence, dear. You will have to get a little more crafty, or keep coming up with those great excuses. :) Glad you will have Christmas treats to indulge in, Marie. :) I'm still hoping to stop by with your stuff -- today if it works out. Merry Christmas if I don't see you!

Missy said...

I totally did fake cookies this year and I didn't even tell the people who raved about them! I probably need to go to confession for it! Bad Missy.

Marie said...

I'm just fine with his lacky of sneakiness, if you will. He's easier to catch that way. :)

Marie said...

You are so funny.

If you bake like I do, your friends and family will appreciate the fake cookie factor. Even my husband won't touch anything I attempt to bake from scratch.

When should we hit the confessional? Can we have dessert and wine after?