Home Sweet Home

I just got Craig settled on the couch, although he won't sit still.  Imagine that.  He's thrilled to be home and thinks he should go blow snow.  The doctor made it very clear that he is under no circumstances to work, drive or lift.  He can take his brace off at night or for a quick shower but that's it.  He is to be on his back and taking frequent but brief walks.

The plan is to see Dr. Eichler again in two weeks for another C.A.T. scan and follow-up check.  This should determine if the brace is working or if surgery will be required.  He also hopes to return to work in the physical form at that time.  Either way, he will have 4-6 weeks of physical therapy after the brace is off and/or surgery (pray no surgery).

In the mean time, I am gong to finish housework so he can move around when he needs to without tripping on anything, and so that I can pull the extra weight while he's on bed rest.  I'm sure that Craig agrees with me that pain meds are a gift; the combination of the three help immensly.

I can't send enough thank you's to everyone who has visited, called, emailed, texted, taken care of Murray, and everything else I can't remember at the moment.  I know that God, friends and family will get us through.  Besides, Craig never lets me take care of him when he's sick, but now he has no choice. Think "Misery"; insert evil cackle here.
Thanks again and blessings.
Craig, Marie and Murray


Momma tackles 3 said...

tell him to take it easy....ha ha thats like telling nathan not to run....Good luck with that patient of yours....Let us know when we should bring over any Sioux logo items....that might just knock him out!!!

Marie said...

LOL, Katie. I think you better visit, but keep the Sioux paraphanalia to your house until he's ready to fight back!