Conversations with Angels

We speak candidly and often to Murray about my late mom, Grandma Kathy. He can recognize her in pictures, knows details about her life, and he knows that she is in Heaven. A recent conversation went something like this (I actually had to write it down so that I wouldn't forget):

Murray: "Look, mama, it's you and Grandma Kathy!"

Me: "Yes, that is Grandma Kathy and mama."

Murray: "Grandma Kathy died? She in Heaven?"

Me: "Yes, Grandma Kathy is in Heaven. Even though we can't see her or talk to her, she

is with God watching over us" (tears well, I start to sniffle).

Murray: "Mama, she an angel. She say it's OK, she told me" (bursts into "Twinkle Twinkle",

which he sings to anyone who is sad).

Me: Speechless, now my tears are flowing freely.

This three-year-old wisdom astounds me. I don't really know if he gets it, but his thoughts and actions are such a comfort to me. I love that he's growing up to be such a gentle, sensitive, caring boy; the angels get all the credit.
I'll leave you with a picture from the first snowfall of the season; a whopping 12.5 inches in less than 24 hours.


Stef said...

Murray is such a good boy and such a blessing. I am so glad that he knows already what an angel Grandma Kathy is, she was truly a wonderful person.

We count you all in our blessings this Thanksgiving and thankful to have you in our lives.

Marie said...

Thank you, Stef. Right back at you!

Roxane B. Salonen said...

Marie, I love your new blog look. You must have done this recently? And what a sweet, sweet story. I'm thinking she really did talk to him, Marie, and that it's not just silliness. He seemed so convinced of it -- that's so awesome! Your mom is conversing with Murray! Wow! I'd take that thought and run with it and continue to be thankful for the way God reaches us. He definitely wanted you to know that all is well with your dear mother. You know, I just realized how close her death was to Murray's birth. That must have been so incredibly hard, friend. I'm still so sorry she had to go, but you are doing so well and I know she's very proud of you. You will see her soon. This life is really fleeting. Even if we live to an old age, it will not be long. Hang on and enjoy each day you're given with your family here.

I hope we can get together again soon. Our first meeting was in the winter, after all. We'll need to celebrate our blogging friend's birthday in January, or get together in December to remember her passing.



Marie said...

Thank you so much for your eloquent words (as always). I miss you and YES we do need to get together. I love that you remember our first meeting; it will always have a special place in my heart.

Thank you for gently nudging my faith. I need it now and always.

I hope you and yours are well.