Things That Go Bump in the Night

Murray finally slept through most of the night last night (we've been up a lot lately due to teething). I had to lay on the floor next to his crib around midnight after a dose of Tylenol, and he was out. I was pumped to get some extra sleep. He's been waking every hour on the hour for the past few days and with DH 0n the road, I had to suck it up on my own. I sleepily crawled back into my cozy bed. Just as I hit full REM, the cat decides to be sick. Off I trudged to clean up. Again, I climbed back into our now, ever-so-cozy bed, only to be woken an hour later by Rudy, our resident security guard. He was going bananas at the obnoxious neighbors. Round three: I calmed Rudy, threw myself back into what I now considered a bed made in heaven and wearily drifted off to sleep. Murray slept until a blessed hour of 6:30am. I pulled him into bed with me to have our morning snuggle before we get going for the day. Suddenly, BOOM! I threw myself over Murray, thinking that we had an intruder in our bedroom with a very loud shotgun. Seconds later, to my relief, I realized that the power was out. Murray's eyes were as large as saucers, and if dogs could cry, I think Rudy would have been sobbing. Nala is getting too deaf to hear even the atom bomb, so I wasn't surprised when she didn't move. I called MPS and they were here within 30 minutes. A transformer had exploded, and the dumb thing is pretty much in my back yard. I am beginning to feel as though I have a newborn again, what with my lack of a decent rest.

May you all sleep peacefully tonight (and get a chuckle out of another escapade in the Beckerleg household).


Roxane B. Salonen said...


Oh, you dear, sleep-deprived mama! Have you seen Marley and Me? I will never again not think of the scene when the dog wakes up the baby after her hard-earned efforts to get him down for his nap. But thank God for that snuggling time in the morning. Isn't that just the best infusion of grace? Too bad it was so short-lived, but at least you got it. Many people have no one to hug in the morning. You are blessed!


Mom, Dad, Grant and Dylan said...

I wish you lots of sleep when Craiger gets back!! That is awful!!! I know how much I treasure my sleep too!!!

Marie said...

You are right - I am so blessed! I have not seen Marley and Me, but I have read the book and it made me laugh and cry. Great read! I am looking forward to the movie. How have you been? Craig finally comes home tonight after a long week on the road and I couldn't be happier! I sincerley hope that all is well with you and your brood.

Take care!