Denver Adventures

On June 26th my dad, sister and I hopped on a plane to visit Flynn at Craig Hospital in Denver, CO. My dad has never flown and tends to be a nervous nellie, so I knew it would be interesting. He dad a fantastic job and had so much fun that he's already planning a trip again next year, destination undecided (as long as we can fly). The three of us bonded like we haven't in a long time. It was wonderful father-daughter time. Plus, our cousin from Minneapolis joined us. She is a riot and made the trip even more fun.

The best part though, was getting to see Flynn and Pat. We were delayed due to storms, so by the time we arrived at our hotel, it was too late to visit. We were all exhausted and crashed so that we could be refreshed for our adventures on Saturday.

Craig Hospital is an amazing facility. It's difficult to even describe until you see it. Flynn has a suite; complete with a microwave, refrigerator, tv, dvd, computer, etc. She has decorated it beautifully - it's very cheery and bright.

As for Flynn herself, she was the same old Flynn. Her beautiful smile that always lights up a room, her positive attitude and strong work ethic were all still there, despite her situation. Our outing that day consisted of a visit to the Denver Zoo. One of her very good friends was being discharged the following Tuesday, so it was his day to decide what he wanted to do. It was a fabulous choice. The Denver Zoo is one of the most beautiful zoos I have yet to visit. We experienced public transportation, which Flynn has become an expert on navigating. I could go on and on, but I just can't find the words to describe what an amazing person she is as well as her family. It was a joy to spend time with her and Pat - an experience I will hold near and dear in my heart forever.

An update since our trip: Flynn was able to have her halo cast removed! This is a wonderful step forward in her recovery. We are all praying for the best. Flynn, we can't wait for you to come "home". God Speed.

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Roxane B. Salonen said...

I am so glad to hear of the progress of Flynn, and that you had a chance to see her in person. What a blessing.

Thanks for all of your wonderful thoughts. Still hoping to catch up soon. Where were we at in our planning? I lost track!