He's Driving Us Bat**** Crazy (in a good way)

Children are a blessing.  Truly, what a beautiful gift from God. 

But sometimes, said child(ren) can drive you batty (or batsh** crazy, as I like to say, but this is a family friendly blog so...).   

For example:

"Mom, MOM, MOOOOMMMMY!   WHERE is my car?  I can't find my car!  No, not THAT blue car, I mean the OTHER blue car.  NO, that car is not light blue enough and I want the blue car that has wings with the black on it.

Guess who has to find it?  Not us.

"Dad, I'm SO hungry.  I really need a snack.  No thanks, I don't want a Go-Gurt.  No thanks, I don't want a peanut butter sandwich. DAD, NO!  I do not want an ice cream treat.   Could I please just have a fruit snack?  Sheesh!"
Guess who will not be getting a snack?
Not the boy.

And then there's the bargaining tactic:

"Mom, if I pick up my toys, can I can have a treat?"
But, I want a treat!  I won't pick up my toys, and I don't CARE about money.  YOU ARE SO MEAN!
Guess who won't be receiving his allowance and is grounded from television?


The shaving of my legs saga continues (via my Facebook page):

Murray: Mama, I'm not trying to make fun of you, but do you really want these pokey things on your legs?
Me: No, that's why I shave them.
Murray: You should just shave them every day.
Me: I do shave them every day.
Murray: Well, then I think you should buy a new shaver.

And this:

Murray: Mom, when can I ask Sophia to marry me?
Me: When you are 25. Why do you want to marry her
Me: It's just that she is the most "beautifulist!". But Mom, when can I ask her to marry me?
Me:  What happens when you get married?
Murray: You live with your wife.

Me: Why?
Murray: Because it would be sad if you didn't live with your wife. I really love Sophia and want her to marry me.
And we can't forget this classic (our niece is a mixed baby):
My dad: I spy with my little eye, something brown.
Murray: Is it Brooklyn's skin
One more for you:
Us: What's the matter, Murray? Are you okay?
Murray (sniffling):
So, to all of you that love children, take heart.  When they drive you bat-sh** crazy, don't feel bad.  For every one annoying moment, there are at least 49,000 precious and hilarious moments.  Happy parenting.
P.S.  Stay tuned.  My blogging hiatus is over, and I have a ton to share.


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