When I was in kindergarten, birthdays were a big deal.  But if you had a summer birthday, it meant that you didn't get to wear the birthday crown, be the line leader, or bring special treats from home to share.  Thankfully, I had a pretty awesome teacher, who celebrated our "half" birthdays, for those of us turning another year older when school wasn't in session.  My big day came on January 13th that year, and  I remember being over-the-top excited. My mom made her special homemade blueberry muffins, and I proudly led my class to snack time, and then passed out the coveted treats.

Just as I was sitting down, I leaned over and threw up.  Everywhere.  And then I cried.

My mom picked me up, dried my tears, took me home, and snuggled me into the special sick bed that she always made for us.

I can still feel the disappointment.

Fast forward 20 odd years.  At Murray's school, the kids rotate snack days, so the "summer birthday syndrome" isn't a problem.  Even so, when Murray learned that yesterday was his turn to be the snack guy, he was overcome.  He literally skipped to school, unpacked his "pack pack" (back pack), and smiled proudly when he handed over the pudding cups we had purchased (sadly, due to risk of illness, the days of homemade treats are over.  Everything must be store bought and sealed).

It sounds silly, but to an almost five year old, it was huge. And because I remembered how excited I was at his age, I could completely relate.  Thankfully, he didn't throw up.

Later in the day, during free time, he chose to play dress up (his teacher set up a Shutterfly account; I love that she's documenting the kids' days so parents can see what they're doing). 
I think he should go on a calendar as the cutest fireman ever

When he got home, all he could talk about was how much the kids loved snack that day.  I grinned, feeling his excitement and pride.  Things like this might be small to us big people, but to the little people, it's huge.

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