My Friend Zoe

Craig travels quite a bit for work.  It didn't take long to learn that it's much cheaper to rent a car than it is to drive our ancient gas-hog Durango around the state of Minnesota.  So, once or twice a month, he rents a car from Enterprise.  It's a great way to test drive all models of cars, and they're usually brand new.  He's gotten to know the rental agent, Zoe, pretty well over the years.

So this morning, he informed me that he had a reservation at Enterprise for 10:00 a.m., and that I should be ready to take him to pick up the car.  Craig is very prompt, so I was surpised when 10:15 rolled around and he wasn't home.  I called his cell and his office, no answer.  10:30 - still no Craig.  I was starting to get worried that we'd lose our reservation, so I called Enterprise to explain the situation.

Me:  Hi, Zoe, this is Marie Beckerleg, Craig's wife?  We were supposed to pick up our car at 10:00,  but I can't find my husband, and frankly, I'm a little worried about him.  Can we still pick it up when I track him down?

Zoe:  Oh, don't worry, Marie.  He called me this morning and said that he had a meeting at 9:30, and wanted to push back the reservation to 11:00.  He's just fine.

Me (laughing sheepishly):  Well, at least you know where he's at.  I guess he forgot about informing his wife of the time change.  I've been waiting for almost an hour.

Zoe (laughing): Glad I could help.  Would you like me to relay any messages when he comes in?

Me:  Yes, please sit him down and explain about communicating with his wife, and not just our rental agent.

Zoe:  You bet I will; I have the same problem with my husband.  Have a good trip!

She gave us this nice Camry:

And some tips on communication as well.


Stephanie said...

LOL So fabulous:) That is a full service car rental!!

Marie said...

We love Zoe (especially Zoe, cause she talks sense into my husband) and Enterprise!

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Valerie Doe said...
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