Why the Olympics Are Good For A Marriage

Craig and I don't have a lot in common when it comes to TV shows.  He likes confusing, action-packed dramas (i.e. "24") and I like girly sitcoms (i.e. "Mike and Molly").  Often times, in the winter, you'll find us in separate rooms watching our respective favorite shows.  In the summer though, we are usually outside and rarely do we have the TV on, except for the news.  Oh, and we do like to compete at "Wheel of Fortune".  Even Murray likes it; he calls it "The Price of the Wheel." 

But when the Olympics started last Friday, we found ourselves glued to the TV (in the middle of summer - gasp!).  Craig even hooked up another TV on the deck so we could have the best of both worlds.  Steak on the grill and the Olympics all while enjoying gorgeous weather?  Yes please.

These days, our evenings consist of staying up way too late, anxiously watching to see if Phelps will win the gold, or if Wieber will make the all-around (sadly, she did not - stupid rules).  Long after Murray is in bed, Craig and I are still awake, cheering on the U.S.A..  We have friendly debates about foreign countries and policy, and the merits of beach volleyball.  Sometimes, our chatter turns to serious topics such as "why that U.S. Men's gymnast guy is obsessed with his blankie towel and keeps getting kisses from his coach/father".  Does anyone else think this is strange?

After ten years together, we had no idea that the  2012 Olympics would bring out the best in our marriage.   

Watching the Olympics is a lot cheaper than marriage counseling.

Only two years until the winter games.  I think we can hold out.



Mel said...

So funny! We've been watching, too. I always kind of think I won't want to watch but then get wrapped up anyway. Also, how cute about Murray and the Wheel of Fortune!

Marie said...

Mel, lately Water Polo has been my latest obsession now that gymnastics and swimming are over. As much as I love the Olympics, I miss Days of Our Lives!

As for Murray, he's clearly confused between The Price is Right and Wheel of Fortune. SO funny!

Roxane B. Salonen said...

Marie, I haven't been home for much of it but it has been so fun bonding with our host family here in Kansas over these Olympics. I hadn't taken time to watch while at home. Being here has allowed me to let go of work and home and truly become absorbed. It's been refreshing. I'm not a TV watcher except during Olympics time, I try to keep up. I love how you described Craig's shows as confusing. I'll bet he doesn't see it that way. :) But that's okay. You didn't promise to become one another when you got married.

Marie said...

Roxane, I'm so excited that you are getting some r&r. You so deserve it. I loved your post today. Keep enjoying.


Stephanie said...

Cute!! Sometimes a little quality TV and something new and refreshing to chat about is just the ticket!

Galit Breen said...

Love this!

And it's so true - common shows are FUN to have and HARD to come by!

{We're sad the Olympics are over, too!}