Murrayisms - The Latest

On using the bathroom:
"Mom, potty, potty potty!  I have to go NOW, I just tooted!"

On swearing:
Craig:  "Oh, that's right, I have to fix that damn thing before we leave."
Murray:  "What damn thing, Daddy?"

On sharing:
"Mom, you can share my heethow, okay?"  (A "heethow" is a pillow...we're not sure why he has trouble with that word)

On love:
"Dad, I love you and Mom and Rudy SO much!"

On discipline:
"You are NOT BEING NICE, Mama!"

On naps:
On our school tour two weeks ago, the leader asks if any of the adults had any questions.  Murray raises his hand and asks, "Do I have to take a nap at schoo-uh?"

On the great outdoors:
"Mom, I yuv the yake. When can we go fishing?"

On the 1950's:
"Hey!  You're a beatnik!  Agitate the gravel, you beatnik!"  (Thanks, Uncle Pat, for this one).

On his obsession with my beautiful college-age cousin, Brenna:
"Where's Brenna?  Mom, when can I see Brenna?  Why isn't Brenna here? Mom, I want to sit by Brenna. Brenna, can you take me fishing?"  Repeat.  Repeat again.

On nature:
"Isn't my baby worm SO CUTE? (high pitched voice).  Hi, sweetie!"

On bedtime:
Craig:  "Murray, that's it!  Go to sleep!"
Murray: "But dad, I can't, my mind works too fast and I can't stop thinking."

On 1980's cartoons:
"I am Optimus Prime!  You can call me Optimus, okay?  Go Autobots!"

Murray, you are a bright, funny, sweet, and yes, maddening little boy. We love you more than you could ever know.  Or, as you like to say, "I love you out of this earth!"

Us too, kiddo, us too.

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