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Note:  Edited. Please excuse the puncuation.  I'm still "yearning".

It's that time again, when I post some of my favorite conversations and "Murrayisms" that our dear boy has blessed us with.

Someday, I hope he'll get a kick out of these posts.  Or maybe, this will completely humiliate him and that will lead him to never having friends, and never finding his one true love, and then he'll have a complex and it will be all my fault.

Anyway. That's not going to happen for another 30 years, at least.

Overheard at bed time:  "Dad, are you wearing underwear?" "Yes, Murray, I am. Why?" Craig replies.  "Because wearing underwear makes you healthy and strong and so we should always wear them."

"Mama, how did the frog get in your froat?"  I tend to forget that he takes everything literally.

"Mom, I'm yearning!"  Learning, yes, yearning, no. And we should probably work on those "L" sounds.

"Dammit, dammit, dammit, dammit, dammit, dammit, dammit, dammit."  Whoops, that would be my fault. Could be worse, I guess.

While playing hide and seek: "Mama, I'm going to take my shoes off so that I can hide in your bed." Where, oh where, could he be?

"Mama, I have a good idea! Let's go to Target and get a disco ball, they show rainbows! Good idea, right, mama?" What the heck? When questioned, he claimed that he heard about the disco ball on Curious George.

While cooking:  "Mom, I'm taking five.""  Where did that come from?

"Hey Mom! Whet's go outside and pway.  We could walk around the bwock, right?" Sure we can.  Let's keep working on those "L's".

"How can you get mad at this face?"  Thanks, dear cousin Kevin, for that one.  He uses this phrase every time he gets in trouble and it's impossible not to laugh.

Scene: bedtime. Tucking Murray in. Murray: "Mama, I don't want you to be a teacher."  But why not?, I asked.  Murray: 'Cuz I want you to be my mommy."

Thanks for being you and "yearning" so much.  Know you are loved, sweetheart, "L's" or not.


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