I Wasn't Ready For This

Note:  I had to keep editing this post due to Murray's antics. 

I wasn't ready for the "TALK."

It finally happened.  The day I was dreading.

Thank goodness I remembered the "birds and bees" discussion that my Mom had with me when I was four.

I was excited to tell Murray that my Dad's Gordon Setter, Madelyn, had her puppies tonight. This news brought on a slew of questions from little guy.

"How do the puppies get in Maddie's tummy?"

"How do they get out of her tummy?"

"But, MOM, how did they get in there?"

"How did I get in you to be born?"

Oh good grief.  I thought I could explain that God works miracles, and that Murray would accept this as a perfect answer.

Not so much.

So I launched into an explanation about how there are seeds and eggs, and they meet each other, and then a baby grows.

Wouldn't you think that this explanation would be satisfying to an almost-four year old?  I thought that it would.

It wasn't.  Not at all.

Insert DH snorting here, trying not to laugh.  We're trying to be serious because body parts are normal.

Murray said, "But how do the seeds and the eggs meet?  Okay, now I'm trying to hide my own laughter. 

So DH says, "Well, it's like a puzzle."

Huh? Again, good grief.

"Well, I said, when a Mom and a Dad love each other and are husband and wife, they share the eggs and the seeds to make a baby, and it grows in the Mom's tummy."

"But how does it get out?"

HELP HERE!!!!!! (Now DH is really snorting and laughing hysterically and I'm completely baffled).

"Well, it comes out of the Mom's vagina and the doctor helps."

"But, MOM, that's NOT what I was talking about.  I mean, HOW DOES THE SEED GET TO THE EGGS?" (Insert Craig giggling again and me throwing my hands in the air). 

"Because God said so."

It's Craig's turn next.


Roxane B. Salonen said...

Marie, I'd say you did good. You don't need to go any further, because he wouldn't be able to process it anyway. And he'll wish he hadn't asked. But I love that he's so inquisitive. He's going to be an investigative reporter, I think. Or something alone those lines. :) I applaud you for your answers! Well done.

Marie said...

Thanks, Roxane.

It was a pretty challenging conversation, but at least we've laid the ground work.

I love your thoughts on this; to me, you are the "parent whisperer". :)

Thanks again! I feel a bit better now. :)

JanMary @ www.janmary.com said...

My daughter wanted to know how the seed met the egg if mummy and daddy had their skin on! Memorable .... And I had know answer!!!

Marie said...

That's really sweet. These topics pop up when least expected. :)

Anti-Supermom said...

I think you did well too. Now, trying to explain my surrogacy to my seven year old, that's been challenging.

He thinks he has another brother in Australia ;)

Marie said...

I can't imagine explaining surrogacy, I have a hard enough time with the simple birds and the bees discussion. :)

By the way, I wish I would have said this to you sooner, but I think that you being a surrogate is probably one of the most amazing, wonderful, selfless acts. You are an inspiration!