Help Me Help You

Murray is at that stage where he wants to help.  And I mean help with Every. Little. Thing.  Craig and I encourage experimentation and feel that we might as well take advantage of this phase. 

Yeah, right.  Dumb idea.

For instance, on Sunday, I went a little nuts and decided to spend the day in the kitchen preparing for winter hibernation (i.e. canning). Murray was ever so helpful; mixing, pouring, and getting in my way "washing"  the dishes.  What would have taken me a few hours turned into an all day event.

That's only the beginning.  It took Craig and Murray over 45 minutes to vacuum and mop the floors yesterday.  And he did such a great job with our paper mache volcano project that it took a week in the sun to dry out.  He helped water the plants (and the floor), brush the dogs (much to their chagrin), feed the dogs (they were happy, they got an enormous portion), release a spider (yuck) and helped DH hang a mirror (while sitting on Craig's shoulders), and is now assisting Craig with supper (which, at this point, means staring at the oven waiting for the biscuits).  

Don't get me wrong; I'm thrilled that we're raising a helpful boy.  I have visions of Murray feeding the homeless, raising money for charity, and planting trees in the Amazon.

I just don't understand why this helping phase doesn't include picking up his toys.

P.S. Laugh track for the day:  While playing Hide and Seek tonight, I was the "counter" and Murray said, "Mama, I'm going to take off my shoes so I can hide in your bed."  Where could he be?

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Anti-Supermom said...

Too funny, some where in my kid's brains, helping us means getting toys, cleaning his room means nothing.