Dear Darla

Have you seen the 1990's version of "The Little Rascals"?  If you haven't, it's pretty cute.  Murray's watched it so many times, he can recite several lines.  Our favorite is:
"Dear Darla,"
"I hate your stinkin' guts."
"You make me vomit."
"You are the scum between my toes."

Only Murray's version is this:
"Dear Darla"
"I hate your stinkin' guts."
"You make me bomit."
"You are the skunk between my toes."

I realize this probably isn't the healthiest thing to teach your child, but the way he recites it is so funny that I make him do it several times daily.  Laughter guaranteed. 

On a completely unrelated note, you may have noticed that I haven't posted pictures and video clips in a long time.  This is because I had an old laptop that didn't support our cameras (they're ancient, too).  Anyway, last week, my computer finally crashed.  It crashed so hard that even Craig couldn't fix it.

I swear I didn't dump my glass of water on it intentionally. 

I was secretly thrilled and off I went to purchase a brand, spankin' new laptop.  But, my evil plan was thwarted.  DH, the computer genius that he is, decided that he could rebuild this old honkin' 1988 version of a computer, so we would only have to buy a new monitor.  I get it - we saved several hundred dollars.  Great plan.  Now, if I could just find the USB port on the damn video camera (new to us, but slightly used), I'd be able to add visual content again.  Finally.

After he finishes my math tutorial tonight, we'll have a new/used computer tutorial.  My homework is never done.  Sigh.

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